• The Overall Harry Potter Part 1 Test

    The Overall Harry Potter Part 1 Test


    Now you've had long enough to read the philsopher's stone (8 years or so i believe) but to keep within the relatively chronologicalative (see its not...

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    The Peculiar World Interest Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Peculiar World Interest Test. I'll be using idiosyncratic but interesting knowledge to determine your true nature. However, this...

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    The maniacal basking in sanity Test

    by sephetious

    Welcome to the "maniacal basking insanity test"... Or, for those of you... special people; the sanity test. It will analyze your level of sanity, and ...

  • The Your Secret Color is Test

    The Your Secret Color is Test


    Welcome to my Your Secret Color Is Test. This is a test of your personality and at the end you will be given the color you are most like and what that...

  • The Chateau & Castle test

    The Chateau & Castle test


    Could you live in a chateau or a castle? How would you fare? Would you be loved or reviled? Discover your destiny!