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    The HotRod Test


    You have all seen those custom built cars refered to as hot rods. So how much do you know about them. Are you a Hot Rodder?

  • The Fast and the FasTest

    The Fast and the FasTest

    by Karnassus

    Recognize them? Muscle and Pony cars. Two years ago, I knew nothing about them. Wikipedia (thanks for most pictures!) teached me to identify them. Test your carspotter abilities!

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    The Cars Test

    by voicemaster

    Hi, and welcome to my Cars Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true automotive awareness. This test will be based on ba...

  • The Ultimate Otaku Test

    The Ultimate Otaku Test

    by Atomosk

    Do you like anime and manga? If so, just how well do you know them? How many hours of pure geekdom have you devoted to the acquisition on THEIR ultima...

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    The Nerd Subclass/Archetype Test


    In this test I'll be using semi-advanced illogic, completely unbalanced algorithms, and plenty of absurd and innane questions to try and determine (so...

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