• The Hellsing Anime Test

    The Hellsing Anime Test

    by Sir_Alucard

    Hi! And welcome to my Hellsing Anime Test. I'm a big fan of this series hope this test works out well Take it please and have fun... New Questions add...

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    The Hellsing Test


    How well do you know Hellsing in general?

  • The Could You Survive Hellsing Test.

    The Could You Survive Hellsing Test.


    Okay, so there are a LOT of could you survive a zombie attack... or a horror movie tests; but I couldn't find any Hellsing survival test. So... I decided to write one. Hope you enjoy. :)

  • The Hellsing Character Test

    The Hellsing Character Test


    This one should point out what Hellsing character matches you best. If the result's not correct, well, contact the character and ask him/her to behave more like you do. This test was also written beca...

  • The Anime Otaku Test

    The Anime Otaku Test

    by ChibiRyoma

    So... you like anime. That's a start... I guess. But do you know your stuff? (And trust me, I do. Psh.) If you've never seen or care about the Anim...

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