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  • The It's a Wonderful Life Trivia Quiz

    The It's a Wonderful Life Trivia Quiz

    by koka22

    Think you know It's a Wonderful Life? Well gee, Clarence, take this quiz and find out just how smart you are.

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    The Sexual Scenarios Test


    This is the sexual scenarios test. Since I know that ALOT of people masturbate while on OKCupid I decided to write this test for those of you who like...

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    The How Wonderful Are You Test


    Let us ponder a moment on the complexities of life. We often miss the little things, the gleam of dew resting on a rose petal, the chirrup of a bird, ...

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    The Harvest Moon Test


    Hey peoples! What's up? You are about to take a test to see how much you actually know about Harvest Moon. Good Luck!

  • The Real Match Percentage Test

    The Real Match Percentage Test


    This test, like me, will take time. However, if you really want to ask me on a date, you want to know how well we'd get along as a couple, or you know...

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