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    The Lines From the Movie JAWS Test

    by dogmatica

    Do you love Jaws? Are you sick of tests about films that test your knowledge of how a film was made, rather than what's in it? Will you indulge me f...

  • The Shark Survival Test

    The Shark Survival Test


    This is the Re-done JAWS Survival test. In honor of Shark Week, (July 30th-August 4th) I was looking over this test and it dawned on me that people m...

  • The ultimate 70's rock test Test

    The ultimate 70's rock test Test

    by RomanticinGf

    Hi! And welcome to my ultimate 70's rock test Test. The seventies provided us with some very memorable moments (and some not so memorable)in music.Did...

  • The 007 Test

    The 007 Test


    The name is Bond, James Bond. How much do know about him, his movies and bad guys? Upon completing this test you will be issued with your licence...

  • The Name Is Bond, James Bond Test

    The Name Is Bond, James Bond Test


    The James Bond franchise is among the longest running and most successful in the history of cinema. Agent 007 has thwarted evil, wooed the women, and ...

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