• The JRock Test

    The JRock Test


    So... Here we are! ^.^ This test is meant to prove your knowledge of JRock. I admit it's for my personal curiosity because I want to see how many peop...

  • The visual kei Test

    The visual kei Test


    hello this is my test for visual kei fans..how much do you really know about this subject. well you are about to find out.

  • The Uber Nerd Test

    The Uber Nerd Test


    This is a test to measure how l337 of a nerd you are. (Even if some of these are past tense, its up to your discretion to say yay nor nay)

  • Could we get along? Quiz

    Could we get along? Quiz


    Let's see if you and I could spend time together without trying to kill each other. Oh, and for those of you that knew that the thumbnail for this test is Aoi from Ayabie, bump up your score about 5 p...