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    The Are You a Music Snob/Brat Test

    by mindeyez

    Hi! And welcome to my Are You a Music Snob/Brat Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. I built this test afte...

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    The Goth Lyrics Test


    Well, we all could learn what it takes to be a real punk or a real goth... alright, anybody could wear black and name the big bands. But what about yo...

  • The Which Survivor Are You Test

    The Which Survivor Are You Test


    CBS Survivor reality series can be defined as a sociological experiment in which predictable character types thrive better than others. Or it can be d...

  • The Smiths/Morrissey Lyrics Test

    The Smiths/Morrissey Lyrics Test


    Well, you're here, aren't you? That must mean at least part of you is resigned to the gloomy depths of...something, maybe the Thames. I'm terribly s...

  • The Gothic Music Test

    The Gothic Music Test


    You think you know Goth music, well take my test and we shall see...

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