• The Ethnicity Identification Test

    The Ethnicity Identification Test

    by quizgrrrl

    See how good you are at identifying peoples' ethnicity. It's harder than it sounds!

  • The World Languages Test

    The World Languages Test


    Do you consider yourself knowledgeable of the over 5000 languages spoken on this planet? How about just those limited to the European continent? This ...

  • Default Test Image

    The Shadowrunner's Test


    It's 2063 and the world is lived in the shadows. One must either sell your life to a corporation by becoming a wageslave, or turn to the lowest dregs...

  • Default Test Image

    The True Mythology Test


    Hi! And welcome to my True Mythology Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how good your world mythologies knowledge really is...

  • The Languages of the World Test

    The Languages of the World Test

    by Jafety

    Hi! This test will show you how well you know the languages of the world. It begins with easier questions and later can be quite hard. All questions h...

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