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    The Are you Absolutely Fabulous? Test


    This test is designed to measure your fashion sense, your mannerisms, and your posh character. Be honest and see where you belong... from the back al...

  • The Creepy Paratrooper comparison Test

    The Creepy Paratrooper comparison Test

    by AlxC

    This is the Creepy Paratrooper Comparison Test. Are you like Creepy Paratrooper guy? He is a nontraditional college student and former paratrooper. Th...

  • The How Intimate Are You Test

    The How Intimate Are You Test


    Hi! And welcome to my How Intimate Are You Test. Do you crave closeness or pine for privacy and prefer to keep your distance?Do this quiz and fine ou...

  • The Sneaky Ninja Test

    The Sneaky Ninja Test


    This test will determine in no uncertain terms if you would make a bad ass sneaky ninja, or a measly law abiding citzen. So put on your mask and lets ...

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    The Which Magic Deck Are You? Test


    In all those childhood years you spent playing Magic: The Gathering in your basement or in the school cafeteria (and getting milk dumped on your head ...

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