• The Psychedelic Test

    The Psychedelic Test

    by joshi-p

    This test measures your theoretical and applied knowledge of psychedelic drugs and culture. It's half purity, half trivia. Old-school hippies and co...

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    The Drug Slang Test

    by bong33

    Hi! And welcome to my drug slang Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how well you know your universal drug slang.

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    The General Drug Knowledge Test


    Whether it's wine at a holiday dinner or crack in a filthy alley, everyone uses drugs. But how informed are you about the substances you put into your...

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    Test your inner Popeye the Sailor


    How tune your are with your inner Popeye or are you at all a sailor?

  • The SneezyMUD Test

    The SneezyMUD Test


    SneezyMUD is a free text-based role playing game, online at If you've never played, you should take this test and score really low...

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