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    The HTML Knowledge Test

    by MrTroy

    Hi! And welcome to my HTML Knowledge Test. This test is here to see what you know about HTML! This goes hand-in-hand with computer geekiness. Now W...

  • The Computer Geek Test

    The Computer Geek Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Computer Geek Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine what flavour of computer geek you are (or could beco...

  • The Evil Overlord Test

    The Evil Overlord Test


    Most Evil Overlords are half-breed wannabes, and some are just downright incompetent clowns.  However, sometimes, a truly superior, evil, hyper-intelligent Evil Overlord comes along, and subjugat...

  • The Academically Hardcore Test

    The Academically Hardcore Test


    What is your approach to class? Do you set the bar for all the rest? Are you content just to pass, Or do you strive to be the best? Some pity th...

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    The Random Act of Kindness Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Random Act of Kindness Test. How kind are you REALLY? Through a series of questions, we will determine that. You will be asked t...

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