• The lyrics Test

    The lyrics Test


    Hi! And welcome to my lyrics Test. now how well do you know music im a music lover and have many songs laying on my head all night long so hells yeah ...

  • The Modern Rock Test

    The Modern Rock Test


    Do you listen to bands like Incubus, Seether and Disturbed? So do we, so take this test if your sick of music tests that are on crappy music.

  • Default Test Image

    The Really Hard Random Lyrics Test


    Think you know music? I don't mean which band won the Grammy for best song in 2001, or which lead guitarist died in a certain year - how good is your...

  • The Song Lyric Test

    The Song Lyric Test


    Hey there! So you think you know music and can sing along to *anything*? Well, we will see. There are many types of music that will be listed here,...

  • The Evanescence Test

    The Evanescence Test


    This test is a test to prove your Evanescence knowledge. If you do not like or never heard of them, hang your head in shame and go buy their album. To...

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