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    The Shameless Exes Test


    Welcome to my 'Shameless Exes' Test! How far do we go with our exes and what is permissible..? To what degree do you accept shameless behaviour? ...

  • The New & Improved N & S Sidekick  Test

    The New & Improved N & S Sidekick Test

    by bfnaked

    Hey y'all – Are you a fan of Naked & Shameless? (nakedandshameless.com and/or myspace.com/nakedandshameless) Well if you're not you should be...

  • The Dicey Compatibility Test

    The Dicey Compatibility Test


    Welcome to Dice's compatibility test. There will be no epidermal interferances during this examination, I don't need your blood. However, your cerebra...

  • The hot girls and ripped guys Test

    The hot girls and ripped guys Test


    Actually this test has nothing at all to do with hot girls or ripped guys. That was just a shameless ploy to get your attention... sorry. But since ...

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    The Are You The Right Girl For Me? Test


    Hey all. This is a test for all the ladies out there to find out if you could be someone I'd wanna be with. Sue me, I'm lonely. Shameless? Hardly, com...

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