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    31 / M / Straight / Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Artistically * Developing my skills in Blender and creating more 3D CGI art. * Drawing * Writing * Poetry * Learning to write lyrics Activism * More posting against GMO and Monsanto * More posting against vaccines * more promoting...

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    34 / M / Straight / Houston, Texas Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Internet & catching up on TV shows. Relaxing. If my friends are near by and money permitting, I go do stuff with them. Usually nude as well . If I ever decide to become a crime-fighting shit swizzler, who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at Neverland Mansion with...

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    36 / F / Straight / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    A spider made a net on the beams. As time went by, the spider was edified and received wisdom.All of a sudden, one day, the Buddha came to the temple. Inadvertently he saw the spider. He asked her:" You have lived here and thought for one thousand years, I want to ask you a question." The spider was

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    46 / M / Straight / Covington, Kentucky Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Stranger in a Strange Land , The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or Friday by Heinlein , Spider Robinson , Anything by Orson Scott Card with the rare exception when his religion shows through too much, William Gibson , Isaac Asimov , Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle , Phillip K Dick , Arthur C Clarke , David

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    46 / M / Straight / Edison, New Jersey Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Larry Niven, Arthur C Clark, Issac Azimov, Theodor Sturgeon, Greg Bear, Frank Herbert, Timothy Zahn, Fredrick Pohl, Clifford D Simak, Brian Daley, Anne McCaffrey, Catherin Asaro, John Scalzi, Andre Norton, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, David Drake, Ursula K LeGuin, Harry

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    The Weird Movie Buff Test


    So you call yourself a movie buff?  Lets find out!

  • The You're NOT My Doppelganger Test

    The You're NOT My Doppelganger Test


    Welcome to the re-re-refurbished "You're NOT My Doppelganger" test. The test has been updated to reflect the fact that I no longer match myself 100%.

  • The  80s' child movie Test

    The 80s' child movie Test


    Hello this test is about the movies children of the 80's grew up on, so let test just how much you know about the movies I loved to watch growing up...

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    The first lines of obscure songs Test


    Hi! And welcome to my first lines of obscure songs Test. Rather than list a lot of bands on my profile I thought I would make up a quiz which subtly b...

  • The Are You MikeG? Test

    The Are You MikeG? Test


    Hi! And welcome to the Are You MikeG? Test. I'll be asking a series of questions to determine whether or not your are indeed MikeG. Good luck.

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