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    The Should We Be Stranger-Friends Test


    Hmmmm...Should I be your stranger-friend?

  • The Creepy Stranger Test

    The Creepy Stranger Test


    Did you ever wonder how that guy over there in the trenchcoat with the combover and the sweatsocks under his sandals ever got so creepy? Well, ho...

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    When you meet a stranger?


    Why would you like to get to know a stranger? 1. their face attract you2.their body attract you3. they give you a different feelings

  • The Hello Stranger Test

    The Hello Stranger Test


    Are you really this bored that you feel the need to fill out another lame test written by someone who proly won’t even meet you? Ok well if that is th...

  • The Beautiful Stranger Test

    The Beautiful Stranger Test


    I feel the quest to find true love is the hardest challenge a person will have to face in their lifetime. Some people never find it. I believe from th...

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