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    The University of Useless Information Test


    This test will examine how well you pay attention to absolutely useless information! Each question is worth five points, and you are not penalized fo...

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    The yet another finish that song Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Finish that song (easy) Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine whether you know certain popular song lyri...

  • The Sikamikanico Test

    The Sikamikanico Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Sikamikanico Test.This is to test your knowledge (and mine) on the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Ready? Okay! FIGHT LIKE A BRAVE!

  • The Evil Mani-Mani Earthbound Test

    The Evil Mani-Mani Earthbound Test


    The Mother series is among the quirkiest, most unique RPG series ever created and Shigesato Itoi is an artistic genius. Of this series, Earthbound/Mot...

  • Film Buff Test

    Film Buff Test


    Test your knowledge of films that I think everyone should see.

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