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    The Vegan Cookery Test


    This will test your vegetarian/vegan cookery skills. I'm looking for your knowledge of veg*n cooking theory, recipe comprehension, cooking creativity...

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    The Noodles, Brains, and Plastic Test


    NOODLES! BRAINS! PLASTIC! That has nothing to do with anything, and that's the point. This test is desgned to measure who you are by asking a serie...

  • The Are You Interesting Test

    The Are You Interesting Test

    by elimeny2

    Do you bore yourself? Do you bore other people? Do you even bore your goldfish? Being interesting is not just about whether or not you go out to cl...

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    The SlobberoOo Test

    by slobberooo

    How well do you know Slobber? Maybe a little too well. Maybe not enough. Let's see how many Slobberpoints you'll earn and we'll find out.

  • The Would You Match Up With Us Test

    The Would You Match Up With Us Test


    So, you know all about us from our profile. Want to know more? Of course you do. Are you worthy of that great honor? Take this test and find out. ...

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