• The Iliad/Troy Test

    The Iliad/Troy Test


    SO....either youre into historical movies, historical/mythological books, or just into brad pitt. either way, take the goddamn test and find out if yo...

  • The Last Word in Simpson Trivia Test

    The Last Word in Simpson Trivia Test


    This is the final definitive test to separate the true Simpsons' aficionados from the mere novices. If you fail this test, not only are you a loser wi...

  • Default Test Image

    The True Dallas Cowboys Fan Test


    Hi! Welcome to my Dallas Cowboys Fan Test. Think you're a true fan of America's team? Take the test and find out...

  • The GOONIES Test

    The GOONIES Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Are you a GOONIE Test. I'll be asking unusual questions and knowledge based on the 1985 classic film (and one of my favorites) T...

  • The Uber Compatibility Test

    The Uber Compatibility Test

    by speedemon1082

    Hi I'm Troy McClure! You might remember me from such tests as the "How much of a dork am I" test and the "Unintelligence" test. Welcome to my "Uber Co...

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