• The Indiana Jones Test

    The Indiana Jones Test


    The action, the jokes, the music, the whip. ;) You love it all about Indiana Jones. But what do you really know about the movies? Let's find out, Shor...

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    The Think you grew up in NOVA Test

    by Enigma02S

    Hi! And welcome to my Think you grew up in NOVA Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. That is, if you've spe...

  • The Herbalism Test

    The Herbalism Test

    by spiritflies

    Greetings, fellow practiser of the Art. Or just an interested bypasser. Whoever you might be, welcome to my Herbalism Test. I will test your knowl...

  • The Expansions of Your Creative Mind Test

    The Expansions of Your Creative Mind Test


    Many call themselves creative, but can they say how creative they are? In this quiz, I will show you a series of pictures and you will answer 5 questions after each picture.

  • The Luna Test

    The Luna Test


    Será que você realmente conhece Luna?

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