• The ABSINTHE Test

    The ABSINTHE Test


    Absinthe. La fée verte. The Green Fairy. The Glowing Muse. This legendary drink has a colourful history, and this test will help determine how well yo...

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    The Comic Book Compatibility Test


    Compulsive about comic books? I'm compulsive about trying to get my profile higher than 73 percent complete, and one of the ways to do that is writ...

  • The Absinthe Test

    The Absinthe Test


    Greetings! Welcome to my Absinthe Test. This is my very first test. I like absinthe and the history that goes with it. I'm not taking this quiz too ...

  • The Food Lover Or Not Test

    The Food Lover Or Not Test


    Ah, food. It is one of my beliefs that an appreciation of the different cuisines around the world fosters greater understanding amongst people. OK, en...

  • The Navy Bluejacket Idioms Test

    The Navy Bluejacket Idioms Test

    by NoSpam1972

    Welcome to my Navy Bluejacket Idioms Test!

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