• The ABSINTHE Test

    The ABSINTHE Test


    Absinthe. La fée verte. The Green Fairy. The Glowing Muse. This legendary drink has a colourful history, and this test will help determine how well yo...

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    The are you currently on fire Test


    Do you think you are on fire? This is an important facet of one's life, and can affect every part of your existance, especially romance. Many people h...

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    The Computer Know-How Test

    by wowimawsome

    Okay! You're sitting at your computer right now reading this right? well how much do you know about what makes that shiny, glowing thing work? or have...

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    The Sonnet Test


    The object of this test is to make you feel stupid for not posessing obscure knowledge. No, wait, let me restart: The object of this test is actuall...

  • The If I Were a Pet, I'd Be A.... Test

    The If I Were a Pet, I'd Be A.... Test


    So statistics show that a majority of people on this swifty turning, over-sized speck of dirt have enhanced our lives and liveliness by inviting heret...

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