• The t.A.T.u. Test

    The t.A.T.u. Test

    by Squallyn

    Fake Russian Lesbians eh? That doesn't spell t.A.T.u.! All you t.A.T.u. fans out there (you know who you are) find out whether you know your stuff...

  • Default Test Image

    The Peeing! Test


    Hey you! This is my Peeing Test. Admittingly not something you normally get tested on. Also, not normally something you can FAIL! Haha, let's go

  • The Three's Company Test

    The Three's Company Test

    by Phenom76

    Finally, a Three's Company test! This is the funniest slapstick sitcom of all time and now, we'll see how many of you REALLY loved and paid attention...

  • The nightmare b/f  x-mas character Test

    The nightmare b/f x-mas character Test


    Hi, welcome to my nightmare before christmas character test.You'll be tested not only on movie knowledge, but personality to determine your character....

  • The Are You Interesting Test

    The Are You Interesting Test

    by elimeny2

    Do you bore yourself? Do you bore other people? Do you even bore your goldfish? Being interesting is not just about whether or not you go out to cl...

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