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    The What Hideous Monster are You? Test


    Hi! This test measures what kind of monster you would be if you were a Monster. Which it's a good thing you're not one as you can access my...

  • The Zombie Awareness Test

    The Zombie Awareness Test


    This test is one of general trivia and understanding of zombies, zombie issues, and well known zombies in history. This is a good indicator of a pot...

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    The Zombie outbreak test. Test


    This test will show how well you would do in a zombie outbreak, so load your shotguns and get ready!

  • The EXTREME Mission Test

    The EXTREME Mission Test

    by TheGreatRenaldo

    Are you totally EXTREME to the max? Would you push your own mother off a bridge? Would you spit on a doorknob before someone else uses it? Would you b...

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    The "Am I a Zombie?" Test


    Hi! And welcome to my "Am I a Zombie?" Test. Have you wondered whether or not you're a member of the walking dead? This test will be helpful in...