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    The Am I Rob-a-licious Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Am I Rob-a-licious Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your level of Rob-a-liciousness which, quite si...

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    The Come be my friend with benefit Test


    Hey there... This is a test to see if you can be a friend with benefits... If you fail the test, we can still be friends, I don't discriminate, I lov...

  • The Secret Agent Test

    The Secret Agent Test


    Do you think you have what it takes to be a secret agent? Do you want to find out? We can help. A subtle combination of frivolous queries and in-...

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    The Yet Another Movie Quotes Test

    by yosarian182

    Hi! And welcome to my Yet Another Movie Quotes Test. This is just a test to idle your time as you avoid work, chores or life in general. I will be tes...

  • The Would I Hire You? Test

    The Would I Hire You? Test

    by jepleure

    Most people consider working retail to be a measly step up from working at a fast-food restaurant, and quite a few people who end up in retail for either a first job or as something to get the bills p...