• What Winter Holiday Fits You Best?

    What Winter Holiday Fits You Best?

    by chibiloki88

    Out of Chanukah, Christmas, the Winter Solstice, or Secular Celebration, see what holiday celebration is most similar to how you do or would like to celebrate the holidays.

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    The Depeche Mode Test

    by Mr-Coffee

    Are you a "Depeche Mode" fan? Or merely a casual listener? This quiz will test your knowledge of one of my favorite bands... Enjoy!

  • The 28 Days Later Test

    The 28 Days Later Test


    Greetings, non-infected! This is great! Just great! Hannah, get your mom's creme-de-menthe, its a celebration! This test is to test your knowledge of ...

  • The *Revised* Star Wars Geek Test

    The *Revised* Star Wars Geek Test

    by Anomalous

    Sure, you've seen a Star Wars movie or three. But do you live, breathe, and bleed geekiness? Have you read any books? Collected toys? Collectible Card...

  • The Jim Morrison Test

    The Jim Morrison Test


    "Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin..." So you think you know Jim Morrison and the Doors? This test will measure how k...

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