• The JAM Project Knowledge Test

    The JAM Project Knowledge Test


    If you listen to anime songs, you may have come across this great group of singers. Their dedication to anime songs is unchallenged, and their combina...

  • The Classical Music Test

    The Classical Music Test


    Lots of people say they listen to classical music, but like every other art form, there's a wealth of meaning and knowledge behind the music to which ...

  • The Music Appreciation Test

    The Music Appreciation Test


    I don't expect many to take this test.... but if so, good for you. This might just prove that you are not an idiot and can appreciate music outside o...

  • The Noise Music Test

    The Noise Music Test


    Noise people! Hi! And welcome to my noise music test. If you ever wondered what sub-genre you belong to, this is a quick and dirty way to do ...

  • Default Test Image

    The Musical Knowledge Test


    This is a test of random music history, theory and ear training. This is to remind you that you don't always have to know how to "build the engine" i...

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