• Basic Knowledge of Linguistics Test

    Basic Knowledge of Linguistics Test

    by sk6ers

    So many people seem to think just because they can speak, they know something meaningful about language, but do they? Do you? Let's see if you could pass linguistics 101. 

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    The Photographic Style Test


    This test will ask you a few simple questions to determine your Photographic Style. It may not be comprehensive, accurate or even germane but it's gu...

  • The Reading in Bed Test

    The Reading in Bed Test


    Can you dig into literature enough to burrow under my covers? Of course, chicks also welcome to take this test. I have a big bed.

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    The are we soul mates? Test


    Hi! And welcome to my are we soul mates? test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine if we are of kindred spirit. Go forth and disco...

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    The How Easily You'd Become A Vampire Test

    by Alex_Delar

    This is the How Easily You Could Become A Vampire Test. We'll determine how easily you would transition from living, breathing human to undead child o...

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