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    The Literature Book Smarts Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Big Test of Old Books Test. I got tired of tests about literature that I had never heard of, even though I have stuided literatu...

  • The Hobbitatheart Compatibility Test

    The Hobbitatheart Compatibility Test


    This test is just another "are we compatible" test. What sets this test apart from the others is that you are measuring your compatibility with me, an...

  • The Are you a Chicken-hauler Test

    The Are you a Chicken-hauler Test


    I'm writing this to see how "Trucker Aware" you are, or how much you like/understand us. By Us I mean truckers. I are one so I'm looking for folks tah...

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    The Know your poets? Test


    This is a test for true poetry lovers. That means you've read extensively, and can recognize a poet by his/her style alone, even if you haven't read ...

  • The Skwee Like You Mean It Test

    The Skwee Like You Mean It Test

    by Novapoppet

    Welcome foolish Mortal to my Skwee Like You Mean It Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature.

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