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    The How Existentialist Are You Test


    Existentialism, in one sense, is a philosophy based on the idea that individuals have to find the meaning in their own lives. Boiled down to a single...

  • The Existential Guffery Test

    The Existential Guffery Test


    Are you a nothingness? Are you brimming with ennui? Do you feel the need to ascend to the highest mountain top and watch the lightning? No? Who ca...

  • The do you know what Communism is Test

    The do you know what Communism is Test

    by Heidegger

    Hi! And welcome to my do you what Communism is Test. Communism is a much over used word and the world is full of people who either claim to be Communi...

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    The Silviness Factor Test

    by Silviness

    Welcome to the Silviness Factor test. I will be analzying exactly how much you are like me, Silvy. The questions are fairly black and white and in mos...

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    The Rivet-tude Test


    Welcome to my test. You'll be undergoing a rigorous test to determine just how rivet you are. We'll run through philosophy, politics, measure your ego...

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