• The Yet Another Geek Test

    The Yet Another Geek Test


    Back in the 19th century, geeks were people like me and you, who swallowed small live animals and bit the heads off of chickens at fairs and carnivals...

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    The Socially Competent Geek Test

    by drkgddssonite

    The stereotype of the socially inept geek is a staple of our modern society. However, as the ranks of geekdom grow, we count more and more socially co...

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    The Could We Date Test


    I am kinda surprised by how high some of my enemy scores are here at OkCupid, I have drafted this test to determine if someone is at least worthy of a...

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    The are you a redneck Test


    Do you love fried foods, barbecues, cold beer, gravies and sweet tea? Do you enjoy outdoor events such as hunting, fishing, auto racing and fairs? Are...

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