• The Religious Compatibility Test

    The Religious Compatibility Test


    Perhaps you took my other test and scored well. Perhaps you are a Christian who is really interested in finding someone who matches your particular vi...

  • The Forever Love Test

    The Forever Love Test


    I want a love that lasts forever (or at least for a lifetime, and I assure you I would do my part to make it last.) No test can tell me if that will h...

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    The Are you a Religous Person? Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Are you a religious person test? I am going to ask you some questions to understand your viewpoints on religon and determin ...

  • The Kaelian Compatibility Test

    The Kaelian Compatibility Test


    This is an attempt to quantify a possible match based on specific behaviours and responses and how they relate to my own personal preferences. This...

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    The Heartbroken Test

    by Vegos82

    So, your heart has been broken, one way or another. Of course, we all have different ways to go through those times of life. And what path do you choo...

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