• The Amateur Bartender Test

    The Amateur Bartender Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Amatuer Bartender Test. I will be testing your knowledge of ethanol in all of its glorious forms! Cheers! Prost! Salut! Sl...

  • The Port Wine Test

    The Port Wine Test

    by SushiNorth

    This test does nothing to judge your knowledge of port wine, it simply uses it as a foil to offer you advice.  For those familiar with the red stuff you'll find it amusing, and perhaps revealing.

  • The Alcohol Knowledge Test

    The Alcohol Knowledge Test


    Special Edition: Updated 1/30/05: In celebration of the incredible recent popularity of my test, I have added ten new questions. See how well you d...

  • Default Test Image

    The Wine Test


    Knowledge of wine makes drinking it much more enjoyable and much less intimidating. Whether you like Boone's Farm or Beaujolais, this test will help y...

  • What's Your Poison?

    What's Your Poison?


    Beauty, Brains and Booze - are you the 'Soul of Seduction'? Find out how *brilliant* you are! Plus - a **special** Easter Egg reward.

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