• The James Compatibility Test

    The James Compatibility Test


    As one can read in my journal I have made rather BAD choices in men in my life. This test is just my way of seeing if I'm crazy or if my kind of guy m...

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    The Would You Make It Test


    Hey there, this test is simply trying to figure out one thing: Would you Last? If you got stuck in a situation where all hell was braking loose, would...

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    The Ultimate Moral Shopping Test


    Hi and Lucky You! Well done for choosing this as you will now get a unique perspective of your TRUE CHARACTER TRAITS from your attitude whilst you sh...

  • The Explosive or Implosive anger Test

    The Explosive or Implosive anger Test

    by Marie315

    So, is your anger implosive or explosive?? Do you keep everything inside or you rather explode in the moment? Find it out with this test!

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    The "How Good a Roommate Are You" Test


    Hi! ...And welcome to my "How Good a Roommate Are You" Test. It tests, um, how good a roommate I think you'd be, no matter what your gender or se...

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