• The Misanthrope Test

    The Misanthrope Test


    Okay, so this really started off as a joke for me to get my profile up to 100% complete, as I am a perfectionist. But alas, that perfectionist attitu...

  • The Would I Punch You Test

    The Would I Punch You Test


    I've been accused of being a violent misanthrope. Let's see if you would make it out of a meeting with me unscathed. Edited to add: Don't take th...

  • The Erudite Wordsmith Test

    The Erudite Wordsmith Test


    Do you think that you have a handle on the English language? Here is your chance to discover where your knowledge truly stands in regards to literary ...

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  • The Why I Don't Like You Test

    The Why I Don't Like You Test


    It's not that I'm a misanthrope, it's just that there's something wrong with all of you.

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