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    The Sexual Scenarios Test


    This is the sexual scenarios test. Since I know that ALOT of people masturbate while on OKCupid I decided to write this test for those of you who like...

  • The are you Misty material Test

    The are you Misty material Test


    If you are wondering what goes on in my head... dont even try lol but if you want to see how well we really compare then take this test

  • The Led Zep-Middle Earth Connexion Test

    The Led Zep-Middle Earth Connexion Test


    Welcome to the Led Zeppelin - Middle Earth Connection Test. Many songs of Led Zeppelin were inspired by or contain references to the world of Middle E...

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    The Do You Know Your Pokmon? Test

    by jyenem

    You know you still watch Pokemon on Saturday mornings...and this is your chance to test your knowledge! Do You Know Your Pokémon? Take the Challeng...

  • The CIGARETTE Test

    The CIGARETTE Test


    Hi! And welcome to my CIGGARETTE Test. I will be testing your knowledge of ciggarettes. This is a long test so if you dont have time then come back l...

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