• The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test

    The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test

    by MetalliScats

    The Bible is truly an amazing book. It is full of history and prophecy; spirituality and morality; poetry and prose. Dispersed throughout this amazi...

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    The Literary Compatability Test


    A good book is like a fine wine: completely made by the person who tastes it. That is, it doesn't matter what the creator thought about it, it doesn't...

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    The Good Taste Test


    The most important element of successful relationship is sexual attraction. The next one is trust. But somewhere down the list, at the fifteen place o...

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    The French Literature Test


    Welcome to the French Literature Test, which will test your knowledge of French literature, duh! The questions relate mostly to classics and other wel...

  • The Snakewich Compatability Test

    The Snakewich Compatability Test

    by snakewich

    Hi! And welcome to my Compatability Test. Thank you for checking out my profile and my compatability test. This is just a little fun test to see h...

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