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    The if at first you don't succeed; should I go skydiving? Test


    Welcome to my "If at first you don't succeed; is skydiving for you? test. I will use advance knowledge and skill to determine your skydiving potentia...

  • The Heroic Death Test

    The Heroic Death Test


    Are you a hero? You liar. This is a test to determine how heroic your death will be. Basically all I need from you is complete honesty in yo...

  • The Non-Sequitur Personality Test

    The Non-Sequitur Personality Test


    WARNING: This test contains laundry hampers, giant balloons, women with chest hair, group sex, gravel rash, raspberries, supermodels, police sirens and Shannen Doherty. Enter at your own risk.

  • The Are you my princess? Test

    The Are you my princess? Test


    I have always wished that I lived in a middle ages style fantasy world where evil was evil and good was good. Where winning a maiden's heart was as e...

  • The Amanda Challenge Test

    The Amanda Challenge Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Amanda Challenge Test. The truth is - these questions are hard. Are you up to the challenge? I'll be surprised if ANYONE gets ...

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