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    The pseudo left Test

    by Cassandra04

    Hello. This test is largely aimed at people who think of themselves as left-wing, or at least as being vaguely liberal. (In American terms, if you're ...

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    The Difficult Random History Test


    Hello! Welcome to the Difficult Random History Test! This test will cover anything from Antiquity to Present-Day. Have fun and Good Luck!

  • The Am I Compatible with Jason Test

    The Am I Compatible with Jason Test


    Hello. My name is Jason, and this test will determine whether or not we are romantically compatible. If you are male, there is no reason to take thi...

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    The Acronym Test

    by joypop

    H.G.W.T.M.A.T.! I.W.G.G.H.S.B.R. S.A.A.M.C.T.O. S.I.I.L.O.I.R.A.T.R.A.D.W. S.G.L.! (Hey geeks, welcome to my acronym test! it will get gradually ha...

  • The Are You a Clueless Schmuck Test

    The Are You a Clueless Schmuck Test


    Are you a totally brainless moron breathing good air I might need myself one day? Or are you a compadre, a brother/sister in arms/a true-Blue American...

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