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    The Are You Funktastic To Cal Test


    Are you funktastic? Would you last a day in the shoes of my closest of friends? Would you be compatible to my level of awesomeness? The enigmatic Mr C...

  • The Are You An Anime Fucktard Test

    The Are You An Anime Fucktard Test


    Anime, one of the latest crazes to sweep America... Do you like it? Have you ever wondered if you're a complete and utter fucktard about it? Well, buc...

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    The Improved Movie Watcher Type Test


    This test will determine what type of movie watcher you are. Not every single type of movie watcher is represented, of course, but I attempted to cre...

  • The Are you Mantastic? Test

    The Are you Mantastic? Test


    The question is, are you a stud? or a superstud? My test is a completely accurate way to find out just how mantastic you are! Or, more importantly, i...

  • The Raddest Girl Test

    The Raddest Girl Test


    Are you a rad enough girl to rescue the president from ninjas? I hope so, because the ninjas are bloodthirsty.I hope you're rad, because if you aren'...

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