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    The How Trusting Are You? Test


    This is a test which will define how trusting you are of people. You Either do, you don't, or you are pretty sparing with your trust depending upon th...

  • The Would you date me Test

    The Would you date me Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Would you date me Test. I have been looking for that perfect woman my whole life and I have yet to have any luck. Are you that p...

  • The insecurity Test

    The insecurity Test


    Does this face look like a trusting face to you?? Would you trust this face?? How insecure are you? Are you *really* jealous of everything and every...

  • The could you be my soulmate Test

    The could you be my soulmate Test


    I figured writing a quiz would put me in contact with more people on here and hopefully more people I'm compatible with! Maybe I can find my Prince Ch...

  • The Gullibility Test

    The Gullibility Test


    Gullibility sometimes get a bad wrap. In fact, gullible people are really the most trusting people. This test will use your horroscope, as well as ...

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