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    The Are You Perfect For Me Test

    by ShadowStarshine

    You like taking biased tests? Think your worth someones fancy? Maybe mine? Bring it.

  • The Way Test

    The Way Test


    A Way is much less the physical path a person walks down, and much more the metaphorical “Path” that one takes through his or her life, and the change...

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    The Penance Test


    This is the Penance Test. If you don't play The Inquisition II MUD, it probably won't make any sense. Go to the TI website to learn more about that. T...

  • The English 101 not quite Test

    The English 101 not quite Test

    by xxxcb5

    Hi! And welcome to my English 101 not quite Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your understanding of literary terms and the...

  • What Thundercat are You? Test

    What Thundercat are You? Test

    by Pasticca

    Thundercats HO! The 1980's had some great cartoons, and Thundercats was a favorite!  So, grow some fur and whiskers and see which cat or villain you are!

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