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    The Could You Trap The Vixen Test


    Hello there and welcome to my little test! Thought it would be fun to see if anyone out there really is compatible with me! lets see shall we!!..........

  • The Vintage Vixen Test

    The Vintage Vixen Test


    Perfect for the fans of classic silver screen sirens! This test will tell you which one of my favorite vintage vixens you most resemble (girls) or mos...

  • Are you a Silver Fox? Find out!

    Are you a Silver Fox? Find out!


    Determine whether you are sophisticated dating material, or an actual furry canid.  This may be especially helpful when choosing the type of vixen to pursue as a mate.

  • The are you REALLY an OC fanatic? Test

    The are you REALLY an OC fanatic? Test

    by shsrock

    This is not your average OC test. This will determine if you are serious Obsessed Completely with the OC. Do you stay awake nights wondering if Trey...

  • The Christmas Addict Test

    The Christmas Addict Test


    Hi! And welcome to my Christmas Addict Test. I'm obsessed with the Christmas Season: The snow, the songs, the tv specials, the giving of gifts to...

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