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  • The Monk Fanatic Test

    The Monk Fanatic Test


    Hello...welcome to my Monk Fanatic Test. I've used different questions involving phobias, cleanliness, investigative techniques and general Monk t...

  • The Dreadlock Brain Magics Test

    The Dreadlock Brain Magics Test


    Hello! This test determines whether you have the knowledge to have nice dreadlocks as well as various other things. I hope to sweep away some of th...

  • The Basic Cryptology Test

    The Basic Cryptology Test


    I had a chat with an intelligent, even somewhat geeky, young man the other day and was appalled to find out that that he had no idea what crypto was a...

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    The Ultimate Industrial Test


    This test determines your true knowledge of industrial music trivia. It isn't like those other weak-ass tests that gives you three punk bands and St...

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