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    The Can you crack a whip Test

    by xMrPerson

    Hi! And welcome to my Can you crack a whip Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine weather or not you actualy know how to use a ...

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    The "Can you pussy whip me?" Test


    Hey you sexy people. Sometimes I like to feel as if you have complete control over me. I want to see if you can make me bow down to your feet and beg....

  • The Ultimate CastleVania Test

    The Ultimate CastleVania Test


    So you're a fan of CastleVania. You've probably played SotN and beat it, no problem. Sure, it was a fantastic game, but it was the easiest in the se...

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    The How De-Vo Are You Test


    So, you know DEVO? Spud, let's just see how Hardcore a DEVO-Tee you are! Every huboon knows "Whip It," but we're gonna go real low to see how DEVO you...

  • The Castlevania Test

    The Castlevania Test

    by stillill

    If you're looking at this, you obviously have some clue of what the Castlevania series is. Unless you've clicked on this by accident in which case; th...

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