40Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an INFJ and, unfortunately, it describes me well, lol!
I've had a pretty interesting life. Native Austinite, Just moved back home after being away for several years working in west TX. It was an crazy ride but, Phew, GLAD to be home.

I had a professionally licensed, bureaucratic job that I hated. I was living in West Texas; the energy boom priced me out of living in the area so I jumped into the oil industry. It was lots of work and lots of blood and sweat (quite literally). Enjoyed the people and work but saw too much and almost lost my life at my job so I decided to quit and follow my long-time dream of working in the medical field. Overall, and everything considered, I'm glad I did it but would not want to do it again!
I'm currently back in school working on towards an RN and possibly an MSN. Loving it, the people are SO cool and the human body- fascinating!!!
Update now: finished my prereqs, applied and waiting to for a decision from schools. Working at the health department in the meantime. Like it pretty well, though :)

I'm a bit of a science and language nerd and I love being outdoors. Like to cook and enjoy art/music (both making and seeing/listening) I'm pretty down-to-earth and a little bit of a country boy stuck in a city dweller's body: I enjoy big city accommodations but really need to get back to nature to recharge and decompress pretty often.
I'm also a lot more subversive than you might think by looking at me... I've been told by close friends that I camouflage well, but I don't think that's a virtue or vice- just a survival mechanism, LOL!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working toward an RN, doing some art, and enjoying myself. Just finished making some outdoor gear and am looking forward to trying it out! I'm also learning about wild edibles... I also carve and make wooden toys (for kids AND adults!) Bought a kayak when I was working in the oilfields and just took her on her maiden voyage...love being on the water.
I’m really good at
Well, I have a degree in microbiology, so science, I guess... I love learning languages, music.
Dark, sarcastic humor and innocent, playful gestures.
OK, so there is a tongue planted firmly in my cheek.
The first things people usually notice about me
I can be quiet when I first meet someone (though not always).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love Tom Robbins, political science/geopolitics (stuff like NY times, Foreign Affairs, comparative religion, "sciencey" stuff. I just finished "Program or be programmed" and "The Internet Bubble" and am reading 'What technology wants" and "Les Fleurs de mal", Baudelaire was an interesting cat!
My library has a lot of Carving/painting/art books. I love trying different foods; only thing I've turned down is thousand year eggs... microbiology ruined'em for me!
Movies: I like comedies, sci-fi, adventure (w/a plot and maybe some acting, if that's not too much to ask) drama... I like foreign movies, particularly German ones.... need the practice! (Sprichst du? ) Goodbye Lenin, Was zu tun wenn's brennt, Sophie Scholl, Amelie, Shaun of the Dead, 28 days, James Bond (any), The Big Lebowski, The Triplettes of Bellville, Donny Darko, As Good as it gets, The brave little toaster, The Godfather, I <3 huckabees, Rushmore, Fletch, Shawshank redemption, Wristcutters: a love story,

Ok, so that seems like a long and wordy list to me. In the interest of full disclosure- I'm kind of retarded when it comes to pop-culture, particularly remembering actors... but I'm working on it!
Six things I could never do without
Making music, making art, my pup, reading, exercise, pfefferbroetchen (little pepper/ginger-bread cookies with powder sugar coating that have been in a pillowcase for about a month, sounds gross, I know.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Geopolitics, new art projects, oh and I just got a cool book about the ball amphora culture (apparently a trading guild or group in late neolithic Europe- if you know anything about them, send me an email, just started reading the book!-- it's in German so I'm not sure what the culture is called in english-- Kugelamphorenkultur, if that helps, LOL!) Going to Germany and Europe in general when I get done with my degree. Getting finished with my degree.
Building a house out of cob, or leichlehmbau, or sandbags, or maybe just digging it out of the side of a hill?? (I've helped build several conventional houses and a log cabin!)
On a typical Friday night I am
studying, reading, doin' somethin' fun with friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I had to run across the Rio Grande from the Mexican army/Federales when I was younger. Absolutely True.
My car is often full of camping stuff, art stuff, and tools-- but I try to keep it organized.
You should message me if
If you're looking for someone to do some fun stuff with. I have a 2 kayak,really like being on the water and am looking for a waterbuddy!
I also really like crafty/artsy kind of people... :)

You like camping. You speak German or Spanish (need practice on both) or Persian! (I'd love to learn Persian, beautiful language), or Chinese (just got complimented twice by two different speakers on my Mandarin pronunciation!! Super happy about being a white boy who speaks Chinese well!! ) or you like my profile and think we'd get on well (even if just as friends) :)
The two of us