31Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Actor. App developer. Feminist. Lush. Line tester. Line respecter (beta). Generous laugher. Pacifist. Kickboxer. Jiujiteiro. Absurdist. Poet. Unequivocal friend to children and to dogs. Linguist (amateur). Hiker (pro). Proud poppa of seven little lady chickens. Oh jeez, I love 'em!
What I’m doing with my life
In 2010 I hiked the Appalachian Trail. Georgia to Maine, 14 states, 5 months... all on foot. That was an amazing experience, lemme tell ya. Sunsets, locals with beer, crackingly-cold spring water, lots of walking--and I had a wonderful beard. It was ruddy and sexy and was made out of testosterone and bullets and I called him Beardros Beardros Ghali.

In 2011 I went to Berlin for a film market and it became my new favorite city in the world (beating out Rome and Barcelona and NYC).

In 2012 I went to the Cannes Film Festival and wore a bow tie and won a bunch of money at a casino on the water and felt like James Bond.

I'm also a producer (of films, music videos, sketch comedy, and commercials), as well as a moderately successful actor.

Oh, and I made an iPhone app a year ago that lets you stitch together iPhone screenshots to make seamless images (like so: http://imgur.com/4JVYw.jpg). If you've ever wanted to share your funny/weird/creepy text messages with your friends, you should totally check the app out here: http://goo.gl/yQR2z. I'm still working on it and it's great fun.
I’m really good at
Wordplay and eye contact.
The first things people usually notice about me
I try to meet people where they are when I first meet them, but I also like being as open as possible with my thoughts and feelings. This usually comes across as charming and refreshing, but in rare cases it can seem provocative. I don't like when that happens without my intending it to, and I'm learning to balance my intentions with my environment. I suppose we all are.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dystopian/misanthropic angst: 1984, Brave New World, The Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451, some Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut.

Sober insight into the human condition: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Shakespeare, Flowers for Algernon, Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row, and the one that I can't even say without crying but it's got a guy named Lenny in it and he loves rabbits -- oh GOD HERE I GO

Other notables: Dune, LOTR, I, Robot; Mere Christianity.

Film is really subjective in so many ways (emotionally, technically; story-wise)... so I'm not very hardline when it comes to listing "the best films" in history. I like films that excite me, that make me feel for a character, or that make me think about the world. Cinema has the ability to reflect back to us our shared world -- there's an amazing power in that, and I enjoy when our lives are shown to us through an interesting lens or a new (to me) perspective.

Let's talk about something else.

That's a weird question to bond with someone over. But sushi.
Six things I could never do without
I recently sat down for tea at Aroma cafe with my Self to answer this question. Attending were all the parts of my Self: Head, a curious, intellectual sort of fellow; Heart, a deep-feeling, profound guy; and Hands, who just does what his hormones tell him to. "Alright, Self-parts," I instructed Head, Heart, and Hands, "I'm being generous and giving you each three things for this question of ‘six things we could never do without’. Hands, you go first." "But that's nine--" began Head. "Shut the fuck up," I said.

Hands listed:
1. Booze - and lots of it
2. Sex - passionate and all day long
3. Mixed Martial Arts - don't tap till the lights go out

"Don’t mix those last two descriptions up," I said with a knowing wink towards Hands. He was my favorite to party with. "And you, Head? What are three things you could never do without?" Head looked over his glasses at Hands, who was now blowing kisses to a pretty Israeli waitress in a sundress. Head sighed and began. He read from a moleskin notebook.

Head listed:
1. NPR and the ensuing discussions
2. TED Talks and the ensuing discussions
3. Defending my atheism to theists

I chuckled. "We've even converted a few of those 'spiritual' fence-riders, haven't we?" I reminisced. Head ignored me and put his moleskin back into his attaché case. Head and I used to be closer, but of late he'd been feeling resentful toward me. Between my putting school on hold to pursue professional opportunities and Hands's heavy drinking of late, Head felt abandoned. He stirred his tea and pretended to be very interested in a speck on his mug. “Alright, Heart, you pussy—just kidding—what’s on your list? No people or pets, remember.” Heart leaned in over the table with the wry grin he wore most of the time. He closed his eyes and let the grin become a smile. He kept his eyes closed as he spoke--clearly and with purpose.

Heart listed:
1. Professional comedy and the joy it brings me
2. Art and the way it speaks so beautifully
3. Nature and the consciousness it evokes in me

"That's really insightful how you--" I began, but was interrupted by the pretty waitress setting the check down as she flowed by. "I got it guys," I joked, ribbing the others for being penniless non-physical beings. Under the invoice was a paper napkin with a name and phone number. "That's for me," Hands declared, and swiped his prize.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Social status. How many heartbeats away I am from the presidency am I? How many people have masturbated whilst thinking of me? Could I intimidate a 50 year-old banker if I put on a suit and refused to smile or break eye contact for the duration of a conversation? These are the things that give a man power. Glory. Honour. And if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive.
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, I live at 10204 Spaulding St. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and shower in the semi-nude almost every Friday night. I don't leave the bathroom window open, but just put some duct tape on it and rap it with a rubber hammer and the thing should punch out in one piece, real quiet-like. Once you're in, you ought to know that I'm a sucker for chloroform and baby oil games. See you soon!

EDIT: The, um, "real" residents of 10204 Spaulding Street have asked me to stop using their address in an open invitation to sexually aggressive loners.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a really hard time understanding Twitter.
You should message me if
I'm looking for (ethically, openly) non-monogamous good times with great people, in whatever form that takes. So if that vagueness sounds enticing, fire away! I usually respond to messages within six months.
The two of us