42Lima, Peru
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My self-summary
Hi, I'm -Omikron- (yes with "-" symbols on each side, if you quickmatch/DoubleTake and give me with a star and given that the admins here took off the "WHO VISITED ME" option, you can send me a message here : (this site) /profile/-Omikron- ) from Lima, Peru., 100% of Chinese roots, but born and raised in this city. Spanish is my main language, I do not know Cantonese at all and I'm fluent in English.

**** If you are from Asia, say the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, etc. and you do not intend to leave your country to visit me, do not give me a Star / Like. I do not plan to travel that far! ***

I was raised Catholic, but I got tired of the lies and hypocrisy and turned into a pragmatic agnostic (also known as apathetic agnosticism). I would rather stay this way.
I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. My first real job took place in a Scientific Radar Station as a webmaster, database & email administrator and later CIO (Chief Information Officer). All that science and research was Greek to me (plasma density, solar winds, Spread-F and electrojet were topics of a daily conversation), but I quickly assimilated. Although I liked working there and was proud on what I was doing for society, I never really liked my career. I don't like serving people nor solving their daily problems, becoming outdated so fast and staying awake late at night to fix a server wasn't for me. I quit my job and career. Turned 180 degrees away from computers and joined my dad in his business.

I used to collect stamps, matchboxes, airplane models & coins.. Nowadays, I collect banknotes and PC games and board games, which I play with a group of friends once every week.

I'm left handed and shortsighted. Would it really matter anyways?

I am very logical like a Vulcan, I do not do things just because everybody else does them. I do not follow society rules or etiquette. I do not consider myself a black sheep as I see society as sheep themselves, I'm just myself, an individual. I'm not an Aspie though, as I can love very intensively and I consider very sensible too.

I'm not the stereotypical male:
- I do not drink at all and hate cigarette smoke. I don't even drink coffee but that's OK if you do (OK with the coffee or social drinking, NOT OK with smoking). I do drink champagne during weddings though, I like the taste and feeling (it's like a soda with alcohol) but besides special events, you won't see me drinking.
- I like sports but I do not become a zombie if there is a match on TV. The remote control is not an extension of my arm. I don't watch local football and I actually hate it, but I would watch European football from time to time. I do like the NFL though. I like the N.Y. Giants & the Oakland Raiders. I would also watch rugby if the All Blacks are playing.
- I do not have "buddies": no drinking, nor poker nor pool buddies. I just have friends.
- I do not have hidden lovers or friends with benefits. If you want to become one, then you'll be THE and only one.
- I'm not a jealous nor obsessive person, it's all about trusting each other.

Also, I'm not a conservative Asian, therefore my family won´t disown me for dating a non Chinese girl. I'm not usually attracted to Asian girls anyways ( though I have found several Japanese or Korean girls attractive before, so it all depends!). I like Caucasians or Latinas.

My Myers-Briggs personality Test: ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging). Being a sensitive but rational person, I have a slight S that could be N too (iNtuitive) so I could be a INTJ too. Definition: are faithful, logical, organized, sensible, and earnest traditionalists who enjoy keeping their lives and environments well-regulated. Typically reserved and serious individuals.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it.
I’m really good at
- English. You might say "not THAT good, I've spotted some errors in your profile", but I've never lived in any English speaking country for more than a month, so give me some credit.
- Computers & Programming. I can assemble a PC from scratch or create a website with database connectivity using PHP & MySQL
- PC & Board games (I organize Board Game parties at my place at least once every week).
- Having common sense
- Logical puzzles
- Drawing
- Remembering events and therefore not forgetting appointments or things
- being punctual
- I'm a good observer and a logical reasoner. I have realized that I could be a good Private Investigator. I deduce things like Sherlock Holmes and since people aren't very discrete with their lives on the internet, I can amaze and embarrass them by revealing their own information others might not be able to find out.
- I like building things by myself (I can fix many things with my toolbox). Lego and Ikea furniture entertain me.
-I like physical intimacy a lot: I like hugging, kissing, biting, caressing, spanking, spooning, cuddling. I could be like that for hours.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes (not the color..but rather the stupid comment "Hey, are you Chinese or Japanese?" my answer should be "Does it really matter? as if you could even tell the difference....")
My introversion
My forever youngness (thanks to my Asian roots and to sometimes my childish attitude, I look like 10 years younger). I can eat lots of food without gaining weight too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I do not like reading text-only books but rather ones with lots of pictures: a National Geographic, a Life magazine or an Atlas. I own lots of war and weaponry books, specially WWII. I'm aiming for Napoleonic books now. I own the whole David Feldman's "Imponderables" series though. I also read Wikipedia a lot too.
I do not understand why almost every latin american woman mentions Paulo Coelho as a favorite author. Quoting someone else (In Spanish) who perfectly describes what I feel about girls and Coelho: "Generalmente a las mujeres les encanta leer Coehlo, él tiene esas historias sentimentales bien de novela que le fascina a las femmes, casi todas sus historias hablan de amores, parejas, sentimientos, a veces imposibles, luego recuperados, etc.".
I would like finding a girl that likes reading Nietzsche, Kafka, Asimov or Tolstoi instead.

Movies: I like action, Sci-fi & epic movies. I've seen a lot of war movies, specially WWII. I'm not fond of terror and kind of dislike romantic comedies (the couple always fight, she threatens to leave..and once she takes a taxi to the airport, the guy suddenly realizes she IS THE ONE, he then chases the cab, gets into a traffic jam...but manages to save the relationship with a happy ending right in front of the plane's door) . Above all, I hate musicals. Some favorite movies: The Godfather, Star Wars "original" Trilogy, V for Vendetta, "The Lord of the Rings", Pulp Fiction, Mad Max (I liked The Road Warrior and Fury Road, 1 and 3 were just OK)
I don't like Harry Potter though. I like reviewing movies using the IMDB site and specially reading the trivia and goofs section after watching them. My current goal is to watch every movie listed in the "IMDB top 250" chart. I'm currently more than half way done.

Music: I mainly listen to rock, alternative and metal in English but I do like classical music (specially Vivaldi) and Scottish bagpipes too. I dislike salsa, cumbia, reggaeton and all the genres of latinamerican tropical danceable music. I have a special interest for the Vietnam War (Besides WWI & II), therefore I like rock of the 60's & 70's a lot. I judge people by their music taste. If you are into cumbia and reggaeton and that crap called "Despacito", WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE COMPATIBLE.
My favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Cranberries, The Doors, Cypress Hill, Metallica, The Cure, The B-52's, Green Day , The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Black Sabbath (the 70's version), The Animals, Guns N' Roses (when they used to be 5 with Steven Adler), The White Stripes.

TV: Most science, engineering, tech TV shows. My favorite channels are those like Discovery, History Channel, Nat Geo, etc. I like Mythbusters, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Dexter's Lab, Futurama (though I'm not Omicron Persei 8, I used this nickname in games way before Futurama existed ..oh, and I love Snu Snu!), Mail Call, How It's Made (A TV show much like Howstuffworks). "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT) reminds me to my ex colleagues from the radar station...but without the humor and lately, "Game of Thrones". My favorite characters are Tyrion, Brienne & Lady Mormont.

I do not watch reality shows but I do like COPS and Pawn Stars.

My favorite PC Games: Medal of Honor series, Call of DutySeries, Fallout Series, Skyrim, Total War series, Max Payne, Civilization (I've played all versions from I to V including Colonization and its remake), Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion.
Six things I could never do without
Good food (Cantonese or Peruvian)
A comfy bed and lots of sleep
A computer & internet connection
Endless love from a woman
My waist bag where I keep my keys, money and phone
My common sense.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My current life, my past and my unknown future.
If I will ever find THE one.
The stupidity of mankind and how the world would be a better one without us. I walk a lot and while doing it, I tend to analyze society behavior, why people walk, talk, act or dress the way they do.
On a typical Friday night I am
Resting at home in front of a PC either watching videos, chatting, surfing the net or playing a game. Lately, spending time with Couchsurfing friends and organizing board game parties weekly.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
- I'm not usually attracted to Asians, but If I ever do, they happen to be Japanese. I like Caucasians and to a lesser extent Latinas but I'm not into "trigueñas" (which is not the same as latinas).
- I hate dumb answers in this section like "If I say it, It wouldn´t be so private" or "I do not share private things". Real turn off here. It clearly says "the most private thing you are WILLING to admit". It is so hard to say, "I bite my nails", "I hate one of my uncles" or some superficial secrets?
You should message me if
I'm idealistically looking for:
You are a single girl without kids (sorry, I do not want extra responsibilities yet unless they are already grown up)
You are between 29 to 44 years old (don´t take this requisite too seriously, as I myself look much younger, it all depends on personality)
You aren't a vegetarian. I respect vegetarians and their lifestyles, my sister was one for a while, but being Chinese & Peruvian, food is REALLY important and I want to enjoy my food with my partner.
I'm a feminist, so no princesses, complicated people or drama queens.
You are a Suzy Bishop looking for a Sam Shakusky.

Turn ons
- Common sense.
- Educated & smart people. Everybody says so, well, prove it,
don´t just say "I'm smart or intelligent!". Real intelligent people do not need to admit it, so actually saying so is modesty lacking.
- Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
- Kinkiness & fetishism. Girls who wear heels and/or nylons (I got superficial here, but I like a nice pair of legs wearing heels...shrug)
- Unique profiles: I do not get impressed by dull, generic, standard profiles such as :"I like dancing, singing, partying, drinking. I'm a nice, pretty laid back person". 90% of the profiles I read fit into this category. Are you in the other 10%?
-You are a "down-to-earth-person" and know that princes and princesses charming do not exist!. You look for someone who can do things WITH you, not FOR you.
-You think like George Carlin

And definitely contact me if you have a geeky career like Geologist, Physicist, Doctor or Engineer. Those types of girls are so hard to find!

Turn offs
- Complicated people.
- Princesses and girls with "mamitis" (that one is for Latinas). I'm a feminist.
- Lack of judgment and criteria.
- Drugs including cigarettes. I dislike cigarette smoke so if you aren't really interested in quitting, don't contact me. A good definition for Oxymoron: the profile reads "I'm an intelligent and smart person" but it also says he/she smokes.
- Obesity
- "Selfies" : pictures taken in front of a bathroom mirror, Don't you have any friends to take a decent picture of you? Worse, you use flash. Even worse,you aren't even looking at the mirror but at the device to make sure it was a "great shot" but the worst of all, you have 5 or 6 pictures in your profile and ALL of them as Selfies , WTF!? If you were a guy, I bet you would take pictures without a shirt on.
- Materialistic people: your main hobby IS shopping. talking to your cellphone all the time, you like furs or jewels.
- This is for Latin American girls: You like bullfighting.
- Geography Ignorance: South America is not "South of America".

Life is Unfair
Every time I use the search words "Geek" , "Nerd", "Metal", 40% of the results return Bisexual females. What is wrong with these topics ? straight girls do not tend to be geeky or like metal? humpft!
The two of us