37San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I'm nice but not too nice

I'm told I can get along with anyone - a product of growing up in small town Minnesota where If I had talked only to people that I related with I'd have gone through my days mostly mute
(half kidding)

A warm SF night is one of my favorite things. It makes me feel like I've just stolen something from nature and gotten away with it

I'm offended by the Rubik's cube

“It is difficult to get the news from poetry but people die miserably everyday for lack of what is found there” - William Carlos Williams

Love to read, write and make music. I have to deliberately set time aside for the more quiet and thoughtful pursuits because these City lights can be...so shiny. I'm a social creature. I like being around people

Big Ol' NPR fan. This American Life! forgetaboutit

"Nothing human is alien to me" - Terence

Mood lighting, scotch neat and good company are all I want for my birthday. Well, that, or a zip car out of town with the right co-pilot, a leg out the window and a good music mix playing

I'm a mean tennis player, as in, I'm pretty good, not really mean

Compulsively read nytimes.com


I donated my car a few years ago and replaced it with a bike. I don’t share this as a political statement, only to let you know that I can't meet you in Palo Alto for lunch

I've done a lot of acting and I'm at home in front of people whether on stage or at work. I'm also in an improv troupe that takes up a decent amount of my time. We perform about once every two months

I can't fix your engine. I can meet your emotional needs and make you laugh as we wait for AAA
What I’m doing with my life
Professionally, I'm a recruiter/employee relations manager for a large nonprofit. I love my job and love the work we do.
The first things people usually notice about me
My use of profanity around children
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Some favorite authors poets and playwrights are:

Stephen Dunn, Milan Kundera, Tony Hoagland, Miranda July, Cormac McCarthy, George Bernard Shaw, Samual Beckett, Leonard Cohen and Anne Lamott


Friday Night Lights, Better Call Saul, Fargo, The Killing, True Detective, The Wire, Star Trek (TNG), Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Firefly, Walking Dead, Narcos, Gotham, Longmire, Battle Star Galactica, Justified, Deadwood, and Broadchurch


Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, Pulp, Radiohead, M Ward, Gillian Welch, Goodnight Texas, Regina Spektor, Say hi, Depeche Mode, INXS, The National, Okkervil River, Ani DiFranco, The Blow, Cat Power, Elliott Smith, Atmosphere, Jay Z, Johnny Cash, Modest Mouse, Jolie Holland, Feist, Sole, Smog, Arcade Fire, Sage Francis, Felice Brothers, Margot and The Nuclear So and Sos, Phosphorescent, Micah P Hinson, Pet Shop Boys, Deadman's Bones, Also - various stuff from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today!

Guilty Pleasures:

Comics. I used to spend all my paper route money on the little buggers. Not so much anymore but I still have a soft spot for people in tights. Huge X-Men and Batman fan. When I was 12 years old Michelle Pfeiffer came along in that leather suit and catapulted me into manhood (whatever way you want to take that is probably correct)


Have you heard? Food is the new art! Tastes like genius. Move over gallery space and welcome the newest $30 an entree restaurant! So sorry to the family of 4 living above.. maybe there's room in the Excelsior?

And the worst thing is I hate myself for eating there and enjoying it (is that a fig reduction?).

Gentrification you tricky bastard. It's resenting a crowded mass as you realize you're a part of it. "I'm a single cell on a serpents tongue". I love food, all food, but especially seafood. And I know I should say that I cook because that's something that well adjusted adults do, but if I'm being honest, I just apply heat to the things I get at TJ's.
Six things I could never do without
just enough uncertainty
that grain of salt

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to be a good friend/son/brother/person

Social inequality and how to best empower people to rise above it

Lyrics and poetry

Will I have a chair when the music stops

Increasing my creative outlets

Travel/road trips


Ways to make and keep myself happy

Warm beaches

How none of us are getting out of this alive

Finding the perfect karaoke song

The thrill of putting into words what had previously been just a vague ache or tingle somewhere between my brain and stomach
On a typical Friday night I am
Out/About at a show, dinner or friends apt. These days I'm not giving much financial stimulus to the SF bar scene. Instead rerouting that time and money to exercise, shows and classes. I'll hit up a bar and love a good drink but if alcohol is a large part of your social experience and you want a partner in that then I may not be your man.
You should message me if
I do best with extroverts... or introverts who can bring their 50% of the conversation. I value emotional intelligence and I'm interested in people who are confident enough to be vulnerable. Bravado is great but almost always hides something more interesting.

Also, almost nothing's better than repartee. Please enjoy talking because I could do nothing but shoot shit all day long. I think conversation at its most enjoyable is a form of play with each person changing roles depending on the topic. Ideally there's disclosure and discovery to the point that we end up surprising each other and ourselves.

Sex is important/fun/intense to you. And once in a relationship you expect/want/need it frequently. It's all of that to me.

You're sometimes willing to be misunderstood for the sake of saying something funny, interesting or true

You're aware of your contradictions

It doesn't need to be your career necessarily, but you care about art or social justice and can dip at least one toe in the political water

A dash of the absurd is always appreciated

You're a little cray cray but in a good way
The two of us