49Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Likes: curious events. creative people. hole(s) in the wall(s) & dive bars. prime numbers. sharpies, which i compulsively steal. laughing.
Reads: too much pixelated information, too few books. trying to invert that.

Does: biking, cooking, yoga-ing, improvisational carpentry.

Where: Pittsburgh-native, academic family. Ivy League undergrad, degree of dubious utility. Lived in Hong Kong in my 20s before returning to U.S. to restore my faith in culture, community, family and the environment.

How: mixture of focused and wandering, confident and insecure, externally calm and internally anxious, warmly curious and judgmentally observational, very smart and sometimes flakey.
I bike much as I can, to and fro to Manhattan and in Brooklyn.

Joke: user_name. And on a related note, I apologize, on behalf of the Cro-Magnon contingent of my gender for their shiftiness in the world of online dating. I didn't know: Man poses as woman on OKC. Oh, and this.

No: Trumpists, smokers, cat owners — am super allergic.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to minimize inputs, and maximize outputs.

Work: Taught in Indonesia then worked, wrote, travelled in/to/from Hong Kong for a stretch, before returning to NYC for family, friends, & big magazine job. After a long gig as an editor at a Big Business Magazine, evolved into a freelance writer covering green things -- energy, environment, carbon, climate, sustainability. Lately returned to cubicle world to oversee a group of digital whiz kids on the business side of a Very Big Newspaper. Exciting and a little scary.

Body & mind: bike, yoga, cook, hands-on classes (RIP 3rd Ward), keeping up with friends. Low/no alcohol or caffeine. Food: low meat, high veg. Occasionally helping with a beehive or two with some friends. I've been stung twice.

Yep: Park Slope Co-op. Perhaps I have cashiered you?

Style: Minimalist, low/no brand. Less is more.

Weekends: My weekends are typically a mix of rest, recovery and rebooting. Usually centered on some yoga, chasing down a ClassPass adventure, or a long day of cycling, complemented by food at home or out with friends. Occasionally, I wander over to BAM for a movie, hunt down a weird lecture somewhere or brave the crowds at a Big Museum in Manhattan. And sometimes, I end up hunkered down catching up on the tower of magazines, books and newspapers that drift around my place, listening to podcasts, puttering in my apartment to shoo away the dust bunnies, laundry and mail, with some cooking woven in to fortify for me for the week. Exciting!

Weekdays: Intense with work. I oversee a big digital media creative team in startup mode. And I do a lot of client-facing work. Most days are a blur of project gatherings, staff check-ins and client schmoozing or feather smoothing.
I’m really good at
Irish goodbyes. Making popcorn on the stove, in a pot — coconut oil is key.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I get most of my best media from the radio realm: NPR and WNYC mostly. Podcasts galore: On the Media... Planet Money... This American Life ... Studio 360... Radio Lab... Selected Shorts... BBC The Changing World... Brian Lehrer... Science Fridays... Living On Earth. Radio unlike: irritated by Leonard Lopate. Is he ever paying attention?

Unapologetic print junkie. Permanent fixtures include The New York Times, The Economist, The New Yorker, and New York. Others come and go depending on pique: Bicycling, Wired, Discover, PopSci, PopMech, and Nautilus.

Books: I squeeze in the odd bit of fiction now and then. My favorite-est ever? Coetzee, Disgrace... Nabokov, Lolita... Garcia-Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera... Delillo, White Noise... Autobiography of Malcolm X... Nicholson Baker.

Food: Not a foodie, more of a chowhound. Favorites include dumplings and their cousins from around the world, from dim sum to pierogis. Also Thai, Hunan & Szechuan (soup dumplings, mmm) and Mediterranean. Greek diners. Have been teaching myself to cook in the past couple of years, h/t to CooksIllustrated.com.

Small screen: TV wise, nothing has come close to The Wire. Lots of excellent also-rans, too: True Detective... Mr Robot... Game of Thrones... Breaking Bad... House of Cards... Fargo... Justified... Louie.

Funny wise, we're in a rich, rich TV era: Portlandia... High Maintenance... Man Seeking Woman... Broad City. There have been a slew of fantastic, dark UK series of late, too: Utopia and Black Mirror. Why is it nobody does dystopic quite so well as the British?

I killed my Time Warner a while back, so my viewing is mostly guerrilla style now. This has left me vulnerable to the hypnotic power of cable, when i run into it. So if you have cable, I can pester you to let me slump on your sofa, mouth-breathing while ogling reruns of This Old House. Hot, no?

Comedians: Louis CK. Maria Bamford. Tig Notaro. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. Key & Peele. Amy Schumer, so much so.

Visual artists: Wendy MacNaughton and The Oatmeal.

Music. Very un-evolved tastes so receptive to wise guidance... jazz and old Stax-kinda R&B... new music (as in post-classical) whatever it's called now... Random things that make me happy when they pop up: Radiohead, Portishead, Police, Postal Service, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Bowie.

Bigger screen: Bladerunner... The Usual Suspects... Dr Strangelove... Donnie Darko... On The Bowery... Had a Peter Greenaway obsession for a stretch -- what happened to that guy? I'm a little movie under-educated, and welcome sage guidance. Star Wars is wildly overrated, so there.
Six things I could never do without
Bicycles. Wellness. Salty almonds. Salty people. The smell of bookstores and good stationery shops. The joy of big, fat pencils made for kids, namely Dixon Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Triangular #2 Pencils -- I am not ashamed, my librarian dad turned me on to them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how the hot + cold in my bathroom are reversed, and how despite countless sensory reminders that this is the case, i still confuse them.

making things, writing better words faster, aging loved ones, cooking, what next where, why i always seem to miss voicemails, books I want to read, how to laugh more.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
in practice, under the right circumstances, i'm willing to admit pretty much anything. honesty begets honesty, and laughter, usually.
You should message me if
You're smart, curious with a mischievous world view, and maybe bespectacled eyes. probably a little geeky. Not too materialistic. Eccentric in good ways. Feminist, liberal and sharp. Enjoy exercise — maybe biking, maybe yoga — motion and physical pleasure. Warmly sarcastic, hopefully not cynical. Open to big things. A healthy, or at least well analyzed, relationship with family. A habit for cultivating great friends that you like to share. Maybe you have a dog, and like to bike around. As someone once said, 'a friend, with wings.'
The two of us