53Ridgewood, United States
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My self-summary
Hi, Thanks for stopping by....;-)
Let's see if we could strike that match, kindle a fire,
and raise the temperature.

Companionship is fun, exciting and comforting. ;-)

I'm fun and friendly, also, sincere and thoughtful.
Lovely, warm, sensuous, and comforting.
Smart, resourceful, honorable and indomitable.
Good reasoning and an appreciation for learning
are important to me. "Substance" matters, if you want to create a good partnership. Review my profile and provide your own.

Here are some suggestions & plans...add yours!. ;-)));-)))

I......LET'S ENJOY.................. INTERESTS & New Experiences. ;-)
We can enjoy movies, mmmusic, museums or shows,
break bread at a restaurant ;-) or get cookin at home!
We can enjoy nature & stay active (cycle, swim, golf, ski or walk... )
We can explore near or far, by plane or by train,by foot or by car.
...I'm flexible and ready ! UR2.......We can plan or be spontaneous too.
Details, Details...Let's make them Together

C'est notre raison d'être ici (It's our reason for coming here!)

II.........LET'S ENJOY ..............Quiet Times TOGETHER. ;-)
WE'll relax and get 'cozy', watch TV or read......
WE'll be companions, whatever we do, ...just being there too.. We find enjoyment in life's simplicities and complexities. We have a can do attitude.
WE have a great sense of humor and plenty of fun. ;-)))).

III.........LET'S ENJOY ..............our friends and family ;-)
............Let's share Ordinary Days and Holidays.
I welcome your children who probably are young adults &
likely on their own by now? I was married for 20 years & you probably had a long term marriage too. I'm a favorite Aunt and G-dmother.
We'll begin as friends &hopefully, we've found our best friend, companion & love.
Nihil ausus nihil acquisitus (Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)
................. The time is right to Say Hello ;-)
What I’m doing with my life
Searching for a partner to share everything that a couple shares. Me for you and you for me.

I'm keeping healthy, swimming
year-round. (hooray. I first swam a mile, 10/3/13 & again &&...) I leisurely cycle. I've taken a few skiing lessons; and, I have a set of golf clubs...ahhh beautiful Nature. Would like a health kick buddy, indoors or outdoors, but not looking to be a gym rat, jock or camper. Wasn't active this last year, but now, back to it, in & out of the gym. (yes, I have a gym membership )

I really enjoy listening to music. I attend local and city concerts, or listen to music at home, even if it's in the background.... I also began playing the acoustic guitar.(piano & clarinet in the distant past)
I enjoy sharing activities with a partner, and with friends and family. We can plan, or be spontaneous, travel locally or outside of the country. Any and everywhere, we'll have plenty of fun, excitement and learning.

I'm Professional, Personable & Generous(Golden Rule, Pay-It-Forward)
I've had very nice accomplishments. (Executive, Manager, Creative Factor, Mentor) I'm intelligent & inquisitive. I really enjoy learning. I enjoy a job well done, very well done. I believe that I inspire those who work with me, (including interns). I am a Community 'Volunteer' in organized groups, business profession, and on a personal level. I enjoy helping others and I appreciate care & concern toward me.

I’m really good at
being a warm & passionate, partner & friend, ;-)))
....finding FUN things to do,
.......Business & Leadership
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile. ;-)
attractiveness, youthfulness, intelligence

I'm a very good listener
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-I attend local & city venues for music, comedy, plays, movies,
details in epilogue
-I enjoy museums, lectures, hangin-out at home, dining i/o.
-I enjoy various physical activities indoors & outdoors.( see "About Me")
-I enjoy Reading & Learning (book/kindle, newspaper, journal, docu, TED...)more often non-fiction
-I enjoy just being together
I welcome your suggestions! for us to enjoy
Six things I could never do without
1 Love of Family, Friends,

2 Integrity,
Respect, Thoughtfulness,

3 Good Health

4 Hope

5 A Warm & Welcoming Home

..............TECH, the Arts, Nature, Reading..............& swimming <((((((=(
....... 6.1 coffee ;-))) I could adjust but I do enjoy it @day
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A Good Balance of work & "play" ;-)))
Having a good and loving partner

This political situation has to improve. It won't be soon enough.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing or doing something Fun
i.e. making dinner, dining out,
seeing a movie/concert/show, tv,computer, reading,..
Hoping to share it with a great partner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Come closer, closer....
*****the dates on my pictures are accurate. the age posted is what I was a little bit ago..;-)))
Even if you're younger than I am, I might look like your daughter. It happens.
"My match" would be a WISE CONTEMPORARY, in his 50s to early 60s. (I'm not looking for date who is 15, 25 or more years younger.)

MANY OF THE GUYS HERE don't seem to be looking for a healthy happy relationship. THEY're looking for a younger woman for a so called date (?compulsory dinner, movie?company? aka payment?), that really is sex-on-call (lst date/lst hour sex,casual sex,). I guess that's what their mother taught them about women.
It isn't every guy.... although,.. you evaluate yourself.

Do really know what women want? It's respect and good sense. Good sense means that you read the profile and contact a woman who is searching for a partner like you. Respect means that you comment about your similar interests and not about her appearance.
You should message me if

-We're contemporaries and
our interests and personalities would be a good fit.;-)) ;-))

Have a good attitude about exchanging some emails.
I live in Northeastern NJ accessible by car, bus, train.....
************THE END FINALLY ;-)***********************

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice

The details for Question 5
(not recently updated)
MUSIC !!:You name it.... Pop, R&R, Soft Rock, R&B, BG, MoT, Jazz, Indie, ... Chamber, Classical, Jam...Adele, Taylor, Gaga, Winehouse, Mclachlan, Mayer, Seal, KT, Beatles, Collins, LosLonelyBoys, Santana, Springsteen, Simon, Clapton, Brubeck, Coltrane,YoYoMa, Mozart... more,!!!!
Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Brubeck Bros Qrtt, Bucky & John Pizzarrelli, The Heath Brothers Quartet, Bill Cunliffe Trio, Manhattan Jazz Trio, Alex Collins Jazz, Ring Of Fire:Johnny Cash Tribute Band, Star Wars Symphony (John Williams), Eagles, Billy Joel, Dave Matthews, Genesis, Beatlemania, Legends, and .... more
MUSEUMS: MMA, Gugg, Smithsonian, Louve, Prado, British, FLWright, Paint, Sculpture, Science...Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, Calder...
MOVIES: Many! drama, romance, espionage, sci-fi, comedy, 3D. They're exciting, adventurous, thought provoking.
Birdman, Dr. Cabbie, Gravity, Jobs, The Butler, Blue Jasmine, Elysium, We Are the Millers, Heat, The Way Way Back, SkyFall, MIB, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Guilt Trip, Marigold Hotel, Mama, Midnight In Paris, Eternal Sunshine, The Bourne Identity...,many more, TV: Colbert/Stewart, Scandal/Grey's/BigBang/Frasier, PBS/B.Moyers/C.Rose/Discovery.../CNN, MSNBC ...
SHOWS: on/off brdwy, comedy,
Jersey Boys, Memphis, Rock of Ages, Beatlemania, Legends, 25th Annual..., Doubt, Race... MTC, 2nd StageCo, GuggWIP, Comedy:Salazar...
FOOD: All: ethnic to fusion, fine cuisine to fun food...barbeque to sushi to FourSeasons...(let's cook!)...healthy & splurge
VACATIONS: Resorts, In/Out US, Resorts, Conventions, Sight see, Relax, Visit
SPORTS: SWIM, Cycle, Walk, Ski-lite, Golf-lite, Occasional game at a stadium (4/1Opening Day Yankees-baseball, LB James-basketball) I'm Not a jock or Fan-atic.
BOOKS:Many! mostly non-fict: sci, tech, econ, biz, polit, psych, philos... I enjoy reading! It's relaxing
(Kindle, books !, newspapers, magazines, journals, Internet)
The two of us